A small town girl with big dreams!

This is my very first post and I would like to start with introducing myself. My name is Jaskiran kaur and I hail from a small town called Dehradun in India.Being born in a very simple but realistic family, I have learnt to live life to the fullest but with practicality. 

Being a girl from a small city or town have helped me dream big and taught me to be grounded as well in all means. Let me tell you how it makes you humble in life:

  • The peace makes you love more.
  • The fresh air teaches you the value of freedom.
  • The simplicity makes you live more.
  • The small things make you value more.
  • The sun makes you shine more.
  • The rain makes you want more.

    Journey from ordinary to extra ordinary starts from simple and little things. We just need to find extra-ordinary in them. There is no end to human dreams and desires but let’s not lose out the little things in us that makes us “UNIQUE”